How ScanSmart is helping GAA clubs reopen safely

Read how ScanSmart technology is playing a key role in making player check-ins and contact registration faster, more accurate – and helping kids get more game-time along the way.

Getting outside, exercising and playing sport is more vital than ever when you’re weathering a pandemic.  Yes, we have to batten down the hatches, and spend more time in our houses then we ever thought possible. 

But it is clear that players, sports clubs and even governments will go to great lengths to keep sport and exercise a viable option despite the restrictions.  They know that the positive impact on mental health is huge.

In fact, when we entered level 5 restrictions in Ireland in October, the government went out of its way to make clear that sport for school-aged children could go on. 

Some of the ScanSmart team are keen GAA fans.  So when we got talking to Naomh Barróg GAA club in Dublin’s Kilbarrack, it was clear that we had an opportunity to help them.  Using ScanSmart technology, Naomh Barróg kids have been able to return to play, and continue coaching youngsters, confident that they are compliant, safe, and efficient.

Scanning-based check-in systems contact registers for sports clubs have some special requirements.

Firstly, many of the training sessions are for children – who arrive with their parents.  Because ScanSmart’s technology enables multiple contacts to be registered using a single scan, this was an easy requirement to satisfy.

Secondly – and this is obvious – most grounds are out-of-doors, and have pretty simple infrastructure.  Installing delicate electronic equipment isn’t practical.  The on-site infrastructure needs to be simple, low-cost, and indestructible in the depths of the Irish winter, and quick as freezing children run out to play.

And thirdly, the GAA has some requirements of its own, through its Return to Play initiative, which requires participants to certify their good health to clubs – and for clubs to evidence that to the GAA.  The ScanSmart team was quickly able to accommodate a software tweak to fit GAA club check-in requirements.

The result?  

It’s the three proudest points we’ve ever kicked:

–       We’ve eliminated queues, removed the need for early opening, and created more playing time for kids at GAA clubs around Ireland.

–       We’ve reduced the number of volunteers needed to manage the start of training at Naomh Barróg from 8 to one, making the process faster, more accurate, and less manual. 

–       ScanSmart technology is operating at numerous GAA clubs around Ireland.

Talk to us today if you’re interested in using ScanSmart to check in players at your sports club, maintain a contact register, and plan for future vaccine roll-out.