How ScanSmart achieved its first 100,000 guest check-ins

One of the few good things to come out of 2020 has been the flurry of innovation in Irish technology.  What started with improvisation as we all reacted to the changes lockdown imposed, has led to lasting innovation.

They say some of the best ideas are devised in the pub. In Scansmart’s case, the setting was Ukiyo Bar on Dublin’s Exchequer Street.

Ukiyo came to us in May with a simple problem.  Lockdowns were easing, but it was clear that going for a drink wasn’t going to be the same anytime soon.

Social distancing was in place, time in the bar was limited, and contact tracing capability was a must.

ScanSmart’s heritage in contactless payments meant we were quickly able to deploy our technology for contact tracing.

Our ‘Aha!’ moment was realising that many of the same requirements exist for both solutions: speed, security, simplicity are king.

From there, the idea spread.  It didn’t take long until the owners of Pygmalion stopped by for a drink, and soon we were up and running there, as you can see in the video

At ScanSmart, the need for our contact register technology was increasingly clear.  

Users were tired of queues, dodgy leaky and missing biros, and reeling off their private information in public.  Bars, restaurants and hotels were finding the extra staff cost and admin work – not to mention the responsibility to hold this personal data securely – increasingly burdensome.

From applications in bars, it was a small step to restaurants like Coppinger Row, hotels, and coffee shops like Slice

And we soon saw there were applications on the sports field too.

Roll forward to late November 2020, and we’ve already clocked up over 100,000 guest Check Ins.  We’re an official trade partner of the Restaurant Association of Ireland.  And we’ve invested in our technology to make it more powerful than ever, by linking with vaccine checks once they are introduced.

Of course, we’re in the middle of Ireland’s second lockdown now.  At ScanSmart, we’re using the time to help as many Irish bars, restaurants, and hotels prepare so that they can reopen safely, in a compliant way, with a minimum of extra cost and disruption.

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