Payment requests

ScanSmart enables businesses to securely request payment from their customers by eMail and SMS, making it easy and secure to get paid.

Eliminate fraud risk and unnecessary admin

ScanSmart allows your customers to make contactless payments instantly from their mobile phone. Simply register and generate a QR code that you display at your point of sale or checkout. Consumer’s simply scan the QR on their mobile phone, and make the payment. You receive instant notifications for each payment made.

Track Payment Requests

Allow your customers to choose their preferred method of payment without the hassle of supporting all the various payment methods.

Load or Import your Clients

Easily load or import your clients to start requesting payments securely. Payment requests are tracked by client.

Select Preferred Payment Methods

Add your preferred payment methods and Bank Accounts that you want you customers to pay into.

Securely Request Payments

Send your clients a payment request that is secure and easy to action. It really is as simple as that!

Receive Notification of Payment

Get notified when payment is made on your request. You can also track payment requests to see they have been received.

Create Payment Templates

Create Payment Templates to standardise your payment requests. Ensure clients get a professional look and feel every time.

Comprehensive Reporting

Paytech’s comprehensive reporting allows you to see exactly which clients have opened, viewed and made payment.

Avoid payment fraud and get paid securely today!

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ScanSmart simplifies consumer payments by taking care of the complexity and security for you. Let us help simplify your consumer payments today.

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