The UK this morning released the first pictures of the Covid-19 vaccine card which it intends to distribute.

Produced by the NHS, it’s a simple credit-card sized piece of cardboard which you could keep in your wallet.

On first look, it looks as if the vaccine recipient can fill out a lot of the details directly themselves. From personal details to vaccine batch number and date of vaccination, it’s a simple pen-and-paper job.

There’s also an area where the user can add the date of their second, top-up vaccination.

Clearly it’s a very simple approach, but looks open to abuse and questions around its integrity, as anyone can write on it.  It’s not hard to imagine forgeries appearing.

UK has moved quickly

The UK was last week the first country to authorise the use of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccination. Since then, the roll-out has begun at speed, with the first batches of the vaccination arriving from Belgium to 50 UK hospitals.

Among the earliest vaccination recipients will be the elderly and healthcare workers.

What’s happening in Ireland?

In Ireland, the High-Level taskforce on Covid-19 vaccination is due to report on Friday, 11 December. So far, there has been no mention of an equivalent Covid-19 vaccination card.

The taskforce appears to be focused on the practicalities of rolling out the vaccines in Ireland, rather than helping people show they have been vaccinated via a card or use of technology.

But it seems increasingly clear that some form of evidence will be important for users who have been vaccinated to get on with their daily lives – for example to access restaurants, cinemas, and sports clubs.

This approach is already the norm in the construction industry, for example, where workers onsite typically carry a card indicating they have no Covid-19 symptoms.

There has been an ongoing discussion in the UK about whether the government will introduce a vaccination passport. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, in Ireland, this seems unlikely.

That’s why using ScanSmart’s VaxCheck technology offers a safe, simple and practical route to checking Covid-19 vaccination status.