vaccination certificates

Your doctor can generate a digital vaccination certificate sent to your phone. Present this secure certificate at a range of locations and help us all get back to normal  – quicker and safer

Upload your personal information to ensure accuracy and speed on the day of your vaccination

Access your favourite restaurants, pubs and sports clubs safely

Our vaccination certificate will allow us all to get back to normal safely and allow long suffering businesses to open sustainably.

No messy or complicated health checks

Business and organisations don’t want to know your health. They just want to know if they can open for good and quickly check to see if you are vaccinated. The less social distancing needed the higher the chance business will get through this massive disruption. Lets help save jobs

Vaccination reminders

ScanSmart allows you to receive personalized notifications and reminders about vaccinations as they become available and when your booster shots are required. 

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built for simplicity

ScanSmart simplifies consumer check-ins by taking care of the complexity and security for you. Let us help simplify your consumer check-ins today.


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