If you have a weakened immune system, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought some extra challenges.  And the introduction of widespread vaccination – and the need to check it – requires some special considerations for people who cannot receive a vaccine for medical reasons  

Immunocompromised people have a weakened ability to fight infections.  And vaccination is often impossible: the whole point of vaccination is to prompt an immune response.

So how does this affect Ireland’s Covid-19 vaccination schedule, and how will immunocompromised people be able to use ScanSmart’s VaxCheck technology?

In short, it’s clear that Covid-19 vaccination isn’t for everyone.  That is already the case for many other, more established vaccinations.

In these cases, we in Ireland trust medical practitioners to judge the appropriateness of administering vaccines.  Covid-19 vaccinations will be no different.

That’s why ScanSmart’s VaxCheck solution is effective.  Certification can only be supplied by a medical practitioner.  So as a user, you are able to show that you are exempt from the need to vaccinate, based on a third-party medical sign-off.